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From Tricky to Constructive Performance Conversations

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Performance conversations are notoriously tricky – so much so that in many organisations they never happen! Or if they do, it leads to dissatisfaction and people leaving the conversation less motivated than when they went in.

In this experiential and engaging workshop you will discover how to turn performance conversations around, so that they motivate, clarify and inspire your staff, enabling the manager to bring out the best from each member of the team.

“Conversation is the fundamental unit of change. If you change the conversation, then there’s every chance you’ll change everything that surrounds it”

From attending this programme, those responsible for raising performance will learn how to:
  • Conduct a collaborative performance conversation both as appraiser and appraisee
  • Use a set of conversational tools to get the best out of your people
  • Improve your questioning and feedback skills to raise people’s awareness while everyone maintains their own responsibility
  • Implement tips and techniques for moving from stuckness to progress
  • Identify strengths, leading to clear action steps
Activating Resilience is available either as:
  • A 90-minute webinar for an intense introduction
  • A 1-day workshop for a deeper dive

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