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Increased engagement leads to better results. If you don’t take care of engagement, your people will leave. Or worse, they will stay without enthusiasm. So, your reputation is at stake, not to mention your profits, future recruitment, perception of brand and much else.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to harness the power of discretionary effort using a solutions-focused approach to motivate and inspire your people.

From attending this programme Leaders, managers, HR and other professionals will learn:
  • ​How to harness discretionary effort and increase staff engagement levels using a solutions focus approach
  • How to get more collaboration and innovation
  • How to enhance your reputation and brand in the quest for top talent
  • Strategies for keeping your talented people productive at work
  • Tips for getting people to show initiative and take responsibility
Activating Resilience is available either as:
  • A 90-minute webinar for an intense introduction
  • A 1-day workshop for a deeper dive
“Increasing Engagement taught me the fundamentals of the solutions focus principles and identifying the positive outcomes of using them. I have started to use these principles more and more and found that actually they worked very well for the majority of my team and I could see my communication getting better.”

Laurence Bowes, Managing Director, Bowes Hospitality Ltd

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