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You can transform the level of conversations in your organisation with Micro-coaching tools. They’ll reduce time-wasting, while creating a more nurturing environment in which people are heading towards effective, actionable solutions.
In our 90-minute interactive online session you will:
    • Learn practical solutions-focused coaching techniques to transform your day

Inspire others to find their own solutions and save you time

  • Experience an MCT in action
  • Learn how to transfer the power of coaching into your daily conversations
  • Build your coaching skills through a solutions-focused approach
  • Take away instantly-usable conversational tools and tips

“Departing from the expectation of my professional role in health and safety consultancy to be a rescuer/problem solver is very hard, so my biggest reflection would be an acknowledgement around how much more fruitful an extra set of skills might be … this is a useful grounding for my coaching.”

Karen Duggan, Managing Director, Boxberrie

The course in more detail

As we discuss in our micro-coaching webinar, we can avoid making judgemental statements that send people onto the defensive. Instead, we can ask from our solutions-focused stance:

  • ‘What’s meaningful about the work you do?’
  • ‘Remind me how your plan fits your purpose here?’ 
  • ‘What is it about your professional role that makes your heart sing?’

Why a bias towards the positive, you might wonder? Partly because hope is the basis of resilience.

If we want something to be better in the future, we need to nurture our resources, well-being, optimism, and sense of agency now. It helps counterbalance our natural negativity bias and encourages us towards desirable prospects, rather than dwelling on threats.

 The conversation then takes a turn towards recipes for success and opportunities for appreciation. All great sustenance for well-being and likelier progress.

 As David Cooperrider once put it: ‘we live in the world that our questions create.’

 And it takes only a micro-moment to make a useful micro-coaching intervention.

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