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‘Conversation is the fundamental unit of change, if you change the conversation you change everything that surrounds it’

How many conversations do you have each day? That’s how many opportunities you have to facilitate successful change in your organisation.

Whether it’s a 5-minute corridor conversation with colleagues, a tricky performance review, a coaching session or sales call, these dialogues can prove significant. With this programme, you can develop leaders’ and professionals’ communication and coaching skills for any occasion.

This innovative programme consists of 5 days of face-to-face workshops over a 4-month period, with virtual support and coaching between sessions. All participants work on and present a work-related change project. At each stage, participants learn how to improve their conversations so that they can transform results with immediately-applicable pragmatic techniques.

“Organisations around the world who have used this programme to create swift, tangible and significant change include ICL Global, Barking & Dagenham College, John Laing, Reading Borough Council and DP World.”

From attending this programme, you will:

  • Learn an effective and adaptable coaching-based model that you can use both explicitly and implicitly to enhance performance
  • Take away instantly-applicable tools and techniques for more effective, structured and collaborative conversations with direct reports, colleagues and clients
  • Enhance efficiency by knowing what to pay attention to and what to overlook on a day-to day basis
  • Build renewed team motivation and collaboration through feedback and other techniques
  • Learn the Solutions Focus (SF) approach, principles and tools

Course outline – here’s how the programme delivers results:

  • Two-day Getting Started with Solutions Focus workshop – an experiential event that quickly develops your coaching skills for application to a real project of your choice
  • Two one-day skill-building and supervision/review sessions
    One-day workshop with project presentations, programme review and identification of next steps
  • Coaching/mentoring for participants provided by TSF professional coach
    Participants apply the techniques in everyday work, including coaching others and implementing their project
  • On the final day, everyone reveals their measurable results
The course in more detail

STAGE 1: Two-day Getting Started with Solutions Focus workshop

An intensive and pragmatic workshop that builds your skills as a leader and coach through a Solutions Focused approach. You learn a set of tools to create and take advantage of coachable moments to identify outcomes, build on existing achievements and take progressive steps to improved performance and results.

By the end of this workshop you will have clearly identified where you plan to apply these skills and tools in your work. This will form the basis of your ‘SF Project’. You’ll report back on the progress you have made and deliver a formal presentation (ideally to key stakeholders) on the final day of the programme.

STAGE 2: Between Workshops

Coaching for participants

Each participant receives 1 x 1.5-hour face-to-face coaching session and 3 x 1-hour telephone-coaching sessions from a The Solutions Focus professional coach.

This provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Experience top-quality solutions-focus coaching
  • Get coaching on your own issues
  • Get support and guidance on your own application of SF tools

The first coaching session (face-to-face) follows the initial two-day workshop, with the other sessions approximately two to four weeks apart.

Application and Project work by participants

Participants apply the SF tools and techniques in their day-to-day work and to implement their SF Project. They may choose to coach direct reports/colleagues as well as using the concepts in daily meetings and  conversations.

STAGE 3: Two one-day skill-building and supervision/review sessions

During these sessions we:

  • Review progress
  • Answer questions about application of techniques
  • Introduce group supervision processes
  • We continue with skill development, sharing further tools and techniques such as:
  • Developing and practising JAM (Just A Minute) Sessions – the use of solutions-focus techniques for short coaching conversations on a range of day-to-day topics
  • Multi-scaling as a tool for collaborative, efficient and constructive performance coaching conversations
  • Coaching Conundrums – exploring different approaches to take with ‘tricky’ conversations
  • Other topics requested by participants

STAGE 4: Project Presentation

Sharing Successes/Evaluation day – one-day workshop with presentations based on the SF Projects, preferably with an invited audience of stakeholders. Participants present to colleagues and key stakeholders, sharing:

  • How they have been using these SF tools and techniques
  • Stories of success
  • Measurable outcomes
  • Next steps

Participants receive feedback on their work, with expert suggestions and recommendations for continued progress.

We also:

  • Resolve any outstanding questions and remaining areas of skill development
  • Review and evaluate the programme so far and look forward to the next steps

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