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A series of four 90-minute webinars offering managers and other professionals a comprehensive set of tools for more effective workplace conversations. Based on our book, Positively Speaking: The Art of Constructive Conversations with a Solutions Focus, there’s lots of engaging activities, presentations.and skill-building practice.
From attending this programme, you will:
  • Take away instantly-applicable tools and techniques for more effective, structured and collaborative daily conversations with direct reports, colleagues and clients
  • Enhance efficiency by knowing what to pay attention to and what to overlook
  • Learn how to use strengths-based language that gets people to take responsibility for results
  • Have timely and constructive performance conversations that lead to immediate improvements
  • Learn to apply the Solutions Focus focus approach, principles and tools in the workplace
“Impressed with structure and flexibility of approach to session, Zoom skills, felt like being with you even though at a distance – a good SF battery charge.”

Ruth Allott, Office for Students

“Very useful tools, refreshing course and very well handled in the virtual environment.”
“The approach opened up a new way of thinking.”

Course participants: Global Agrichemical Company

“It was very clear and easy to understand.”
“Good explanation of the tools.”
“Impressed with: the fantastic facilitation from you both, how at ease you made us feel.”

Course participants: Office for Students

The course in more detail

The course is divided into four 90-minute modules, with each webinar usually one week apart.

Module 1: From Problems to Solutions: What is Solutions Focus, meet the tools, a micro-coaching approach
Module 2: Platform and Future Perfect: Tools for saving time and energy in conversations
Module 3: Scaling and Counters: How to have faster one-to-ones that inspire accountability in your team members, colleagues and customers
Module 4: Affirm and Action: Using strategic compliments and instant actions to get long-term results

You’ll learn directly from the facilitator and the other participants, engaging in interactive exercises that deepen your skills and knowledge of micro-coaching in the workplace.

Between sessions participants practice using these SF tools and techniques in their day-to-day work, reporting on progress to the group.

The progamme is based on our book Positively Speaking, and each participant receives an e-copy.

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