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Boosting Your Connections

30 Oct 2023 | Change, Coaching

Feeling that you belong to something bigger than just yourself is an indicator of well-being. In other words, it’s good for your health. It’s highly solution-focused to feel a close connection to your resources – kindred spirits, fellow travellers, supporters.

So what are you doing that helps you feel connected to your gang, your tribe or your community?

Here are a few activities you could do to boost your connections:

  • Show up at meetings
  • Follow and contribute to your Facebook group
  • Read the messages on a relevant specialist list-serv – you can often join in with a range of topics from practical tip requests to the most profound philosophical questions
  • Attend – and lead sessions at – your annual specialist conference
  • Tell other people about your interests, knowing there’s a whole bunch of people who’ll also be fascinated, know the research and be involved in case examples
  • Write blogs and publish them – yes, share your passion in public
  • Anything there to encourage you? Even a small step can make a significant difference, right…