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Your Personal Resilience Profile

What does resilience mean to you? We create a personal resilience profile for the four dimensions of physical, mental, emotional and social.


The Case of the Missing Containers

Brian Thompson, Systems Manager of DP World Southampton speaks about how the SF approach to change helped solve the complex task of creating a more accurate container tracking system.


Kill the Coach TSF

This article proposes ‘conversation as the fundamental unit of change – if you change the conversation you change everything that surrounds it’.


Resilience - Developing a more resourceful workforce

Resilience is all about getting yourselves ready to meet the world in a resourceful state. It’s about bouncing back or being equipped so that you don’t go down in the first place.


A SIMPLE approach to OD

If we consider organisations as collections of their actions – especially their conversations – we gain a powerful lever of change. In this article for the AMED journal, eO+P, Paul Z Jackson outlines how a Solutions Focus approach can help you make practical progress in changing your organisation.


Creating a coaching culture one conversation at a time

This article looks at how John Laing Integrated Services (JLIS) used the solutions-focused approach to raise management performance and support the business through a time of significant growth. Janine Waldman describes how a solutions-focused coaching programme was cascaded through the organisation and became embedded in the business, leading to long-term, sustainable change.


Solutions 4 Reading

When Reading Borough Council wanted to increase well-being for staff, children and neighbourhood groups, they worked with us for three years to train and embed a group of SF Champions.  This article describes the process and the outstanding results.

Our Books

Positively Speaking, The Art of Constructive Conversations with a Solutions Focus 

Co-authored by Paul Z Jackson and Janine Waldman

Take a tour of successful, constructive conversations, from preparation through opening remarks to agreeing the right actions. Illustrated throughout with tips, examples and exercises, Positively Speaking will develop your skills in creating dialogue that works well for you at work, in social settings and at home.

“With Positively Speaking Jackson and Waldman have created my dream Solutions Focus book: they make the concepts absurdly easy to understand and – more importantly – they make the material relevant to my work and relationships!” – Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener, Programme Director, Center of Applied Positive Psychology

“For me, there’s nothing like going on a course and gaining new skills – unless it’s a book like ‘Positively Speaking’, which gives me background, theory, case studies, models and, most importantly real concrete ways to put all of that into practice in my day-to day work of coaching, facilitation and working through conflict. This book is a real asset to any practitioner who needs to ‘just do it’ – just great.” – Ann Lukens, Director, Groupworks

Resilience Pocketbook

Co-authored by Janine Waldman and Paul Z Jackson

Resilience is about an individual’s readiness to meet the world in a resourceful state. It means being equipped to deal calmly and confidently with challenging circumstances while being able to bounce back or recover quickly from setbacks.

​With resilience comes less stress, less stress-related illness and, ultimately, better performance. And that’s good news, not just for the person concerned but for the organisation as a whole.

The Solutions Focus: making coaching and change SIMPLE

Co-authored by Paul Z Jackson and Mark McKergow

The Solutions Focus is a revolutionary yet practical alternative to conventional wisdom. This book offers you a bespoke method of finding ways forward with people and organisations. Whether you are already tackling a major problem or are merely vaguely aware that things could be better, you can start to make progress. Its guiding principle is simple – find what works and do more of it. The unique SIMPLE way of working sidesteps the search for the causes of trouble and heads directly for the solution.


“All good coaches focus on potential, affirmation and solutions.  This book is a must. It is simple, easy to read and filled with illustrative examples.” – Sir John Whitmore

“If we can learn to adopt this solutions-focused way of approaching everyday situations we will transform our work and our lives in elegant and powerful ways.” Sue Knight

“Great value from a small book. Every time I picked up The Solutions Focus it caused me to momentarily stop and think about how I operate and, in particular, how I could take a more solution-focused approach in my work.” – Mick Cope

Engagement, Resilience and Performance:
An executive guide to getting results for you and your organisation

Co-authored by Paul Z Jackson and Janine Waldman

This executive guide is packed full of tools and techniques used by practitioners around the world to improve results through better direction-setting, more productive resource allocation, and a savvier choice of actions. Whether those conversations are inspired by leaders, managers or coaches, this positive and pragmatic approach will make a significant difference to your results. 

This inspiring guide will enable you to make the most of every conversation – however tricky or difficult they may be – by discovering what really works.

“Solutions-oriented thinking and actions are amongst the most powerful tools a modern executive can have. Weaving positive delivery into my business has enabled me to find ways forward with changes that seemed unattainable due to resource restraint, political circumstance and cultural negativity. Having a positive conversation based on what works well and what’s possible is the right thing to do.” Andrew Fowlie, General Manager, NHS Grampian, Scotland

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Solutions at Work: an introduction to solutions focused coaching, consulting and facilitation

Exclusively available as an audio download from our online shop

In this professionally produced 60 minute download, Solutions Focus practitioners Paul Z Jackson and Mark McKergow discuss the organisational and business applications of solution focused thinking and action.

“Our coaching trainees just love this audio – especially the way the two Poms crack on at each other.  It’s easy to listen and packed with great ideas” Tony Grant, Director: Coaching Psychology Unit, Department of Psychology, University of Sydney and co-author of Solution Focused Coaching.

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