TranSFormational Coaching

Executive & Business Coaching

Face-to-face and/or telephone/Zoom, for executives, leaders and managers

Our clients tell us they find coaching useful when dealing with
important issues, including:

  • Saving time and better planning
  • Improving management and relationship skills
  • Needing a personal sounding board
  • Opportunities to re-think important issues

Arrange your coaching schedules to fit individual needs,
including for example:

  • An initial 2-hour face-to-face session followed by five one-hour on-line sessions and a final 2-hour review session
  • Face-to-face: five 2-hour sessions
  • A single coaching session when in a crisis or seeking clarity on an issue

Future Focus Project

Carol, the principal of an Inner London Higher Education College, came to coaching shortly before the college faced its inspection. She suspected the college was on its way to failing. Carol used the coaching to clarify her strategy, maintain her personal energy and explore ways of motivating her team through the inspection process.

Carol piloted the college to a pass, and now reflects, “I have benefitted enormously (from the coaching), gaining insight into situations where I had previously lacked clarity and developing a long term approach which I can use in the future in a wide variety of challenging situations. Furthermore, the institution has gained enormously from my coaching. My leadership of the College and the senior team in handling challenging situations has been invigorated and made more flexible through the coaching I have received”.

Team Coaching

Customised for your team
If you want to improve team performance, team coaching offers a quick, effective and economical way to get more from your people. A workshop or series of workshops with a solutions focus will soon have everyone drawing on their strengths to work more collaboratively and purposefully together.

“We wouldn’t have got through this without you”

Leadership team at Capita Learning and Development

Future Focus Project

A team of eight experienced professionals were running a long-established care centre for clients with mental health problems. Ironically, they applied the solutions focus approach in their practice for visitors, but under the intense pressure of day-to-day work had forgotten to apply it among themselves for a while.

In a one-day team coaching session, we helped them to recall all the amazing success they were having – given their position in a cash-strapped local authority – and reminded them of the passion and skills they brought to their work. Towards the end of the team day, we asked about small actions they might take, and one replied, “I’ve already started: I put fresh flowers out by the front-door, to brighten up the place for when clients arrive.”

Coaching Supervision

1-to-1 for coaches
We provide coaching supervision for organisations with internal coaching teams who want to maintain and develop their skills further.
This enables coaches to enhance their skill on an individual or group basis by bringing questions they have about specific cases or their practice in general.
Our supervisors provide support, expertise and guidance using a number of techniques including Solutions Focused Reflecting Teams.

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