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​If the conversation is a fundamental unit of change, then what we choose to say makes a significant difference to the results we can expect.

We are regular speakers and workshop leaders at conferences around the world. Book us if you’d like a session that’s guaranteed to be engaging and inspirational for all the participants.

And our book, Positively Speaking, is a practical workbook for transforming conversations, and a great place to start. You might also like to take a course with us, either on-line or in person.


The Book


The Course


Keynotes and Presentations

Customised, in house and at conferences

​Do you:

  • Need a speaker to inspire you during complex and changing times?
  • Want to make a start with an approach that is already benefiting some of the world’s leading organisations?
  • Want to know how to find the small actions that will make a big difference to you and your organisation?

Book a keynote speech for your conference or meeting: This is the short time that makes a big difference.

Our acclaimed keynote and workshop presentations may be just the thing to wow your next conference and get your people up to speed on the latest in organisational development theory.

We also offer short and practical sessions (from one hour up to half a day) to familiarise your key stakeholders with the ideas and methodology of Solutions Focus. More than merely an introduction, these sessions offer participants real and practical tools to take away and begin using immediately.

You’ll be sure of finding Solutions Focus a practical skill as well as an unending source of new ideas to find know-how, resources, skills, success stories and finely-honed action steps.

Discover the next generation of change technology – contact us now to arrange an inspirational speaking event.

Positively Speaking: The Book

DIY guide, for everyone
​Suppose, you…
  • Have got a difficult conversation that you’re really not looking forward to
  • Want to change your boss’s mind, but he doesn’t listen
  • Need your team – or your children – to take responsibility for their own issues

Paul Z Jackson and Janine Waldman take you on a tour of successful, constructive conversations, from preparation through opening remarks to agreeing the right actions.

Illustrated throughout with tips, examples and exercises, Positively Speaking will develop your skills in creating dialogue that works well for you at work, in social settings and at home.

With a resource-based, solutions-focused approach, you will find it simpler and more enjoyable to get what you want by talking to people the Positively Speaking way. And the results will be positively extraordinary.

“The strategic application of Solution Focused approaches can help unlock the most challenging aspects of executive leadership in the modern public sector. Jackson and Waldman’s approach instils the discipline of simplicity and builds confidence through positive enquiry.  I have greatly benefited from working with them and recommend Positively Speaking as a way ahead.” 

Andrew Fowlie, General Manager, NHS Grampian

“This resource really does live up to its aim of helping us learn more about what we can do rather than what we can’t. I like the way it brings the idea of Solutions Focus to life through examples, case studies and practical exercises. I’ll definitely be using these ideas in my work as a facilitator and coach.” 

Colin Coombs, Learning & Development Manager, Tate

Positively Speaking: The Course of the Book

3 days in 6 weeks, for managers and staff

​This course contains three live workshops, wrapped around six weeks of working with a study guide-book. These elements teach you the Solutions Focus tools through discussions, case studies and – above all – by you working on, reporting and getting feedback on your own issues.

​You’ll see instant results within your regular work, as you test your skills week by week. This programme is for any member of staff who will benefit from developing their conversational skills.

Rather than encouraging people to dwell on their weaknesses and deficits, the approach focuses on drawing out their know-how, resources, skills, success stories and ideas about how to improve their performance quickly while making significant and lasting change.

​By participating in the programme you will:
  • Discover what makes some conversations better than others
  • Acquire a tool kit that enables you to hold more constructive conversations every time you choose to speak
  • Identify and build on what you are doing that is already working
  • Get what you want professionally and personally by engaging in more skilled communications with those around you.​
You learn how to get the most from it during a face-to-face kick-off workshop. You get further support and individual assignment feedback along the way in workshops at the middle and end of the programme.

We also offer a 1-day version of this course for people wishing to hone their conversational skills. This provides you with a comprehensive overview and instantly-applicable practical experience of the tools.
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