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This 2-day workshop builds your skills and knowledge of applying the Solutions Focus approach to teams.

You’ll take away a versatile set of coaching tools, ready for use in a wide range of team settings – whether it’s your team or a client’s.

You’ll learn:

  • Strategies and tools for improving the performance of any team
  • An efficient coaching model that can be applied to teams as well as individuals
  • Tips and techniques for facilitating meetings and workshops, even in complex and tense situations
  • How these innovative, proven methods have been applied to managing change in leading organisations across the world

“Impressed by the richness of the SF toolbox and by everything we managed to cover in just 2 days!”

Sandra Bertoli

“Insightful, motivating and inspirational.”

Claudia Muenster, Director, Stellar Partners

“Impressed how Paul and Janine guided us with such lightness and so much knowledge and sharing of experience, empowering us to be our best versions of ourselves. Really great program, so glad I joined.”

Regina Reinhardt

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