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How to do a Success Analysis

1 Jul 2023 | Organisational development

When was the last time you did something well and greeted it with a Success Analysis?

Here’s how to do a Success Analysis when you have a team with accomplishments to its name.

Gather everyone around, and share stories of when this success happens. The stories will ideally touch upon:

What prompts it?
What’s each contributor doing?
What conditions are helping to maintain this success?

Then task the team to work together to generate a list of 10 (home grown) tips you could give to a new member of the team so that they will also know how to do this.

We tend to over-rate how much we can learn from mistakes and failures – mostly, the learning consists of ‘Don’t do that again’.

​But the real gold of knowing what to do (instead of the mistaken behaviour) is only found when we discover what works. Then we can analyse and re-apply it.