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Let’s get the conversation going

1 Jun 2023 | Change, Organisational development

We’ve been at a conference in Leuven, Belgium, and our European colleagues tell us that more and more organisations are turning to Solutions Focus as their preferred method of change – for individuals, teams and even the organisational culture as a whole.

They like the focus on what’s wanted (rather than endless analysis of problems), the harnessing of resources (which is fast and economical) and the rapid progress with small, experimental steps (rather than a cumbersome three-year plan that’s daunting to implement and out of date before the ink is dry).

If you think you might be a suitable client to work along those lines with us, here are three good questions to decide which project will most benefit from our collaboration:

What burning issues do you have, that you suspect a solutions-focused approach might well help with?
Is this an issue really worth working on, so that the benefits of progress will outweigh the effort it’s going to take?
Who do we need to get involved to make an engaging start?

Let us know your answers, and we’ll get the conversation going…