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'What Works Well' Open Programmes

All taking place in St Albans, near London

Only £99 + VAT per workshop. 

Solutions Focus Coach Practitioner Certification

In partnership with The Columbia Coaching Certification

Web-based international Course: Wednesdays 9-12 pm EST  / 2-5pm GMT, October 23, November 6 and November 20 2013.


 "This was one of the best and most relevant courses I've attended"

Regina Brancato, Tate

"Solutions orientated thinking and actions are amongst the most powerful tools a modern executive can have. Weaving positive delivery into my business has enabled me to find ways forward with changes that seemed unattainable."

Andrew Fowlie - General Manager, NHS Grampian.
Change Projects

"It is easy to understand and can be implemented without changing a great deal else about what we do. Its emphasis on building on what already works well is attractive to staff who may be tired of fad-like initiatives offering little impact."

Michael Coughlin - Chief Executive, Reading Borough Council.
Change Projects

"The biggest improvement is the change in the behaviour of the management team. The programme gave a clear focus and direction to what people were doing. It was hard work and very rewarding..."

Tim Grier - Managing Director, John Laing Integrated Services.
Raising Performance

"...takes away the bullshit and waffle and cuts to the chase, while still recognising success at the same time. It helps us understand where we are and gives us the opportunity to reflect on our achievements and attainments."

Tim Grier - Managing Director, John Laing Integrated Services.
Strategy Workshops

"More than 15 years ago, I picked up a copy of Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher and William Ury and was immediately excited by their ideas and the thought of applying these concepts in the field... The logic and ethics of the approach are refreshing..."

Nancy Caldwell - Consultant, USA.

"It was the best workshop I have been on for a long time both from the point of view of the usefulness of the content but also from the way it was taught. I also really enjoyed the interactions with the rest of the group."

Gavin Meikle - Inter-Activ Coaching.
Positively Speaking

"A sweet new way to solve problems, clearly articulated and easily practiced."

Paul Scheele - Chief Executive, Learning Strategies Corp.
Positively Speaking

"Refreshing, enjoyable, productive."

Fraser Croft - Manager, Aon.
Project Management

"I loved your input, style and content."

Principal, Guildford College.
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